Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Update: Well, he did fall out of bed

Just to update you on the big boy bed switch. He did really well last night. We went to check on him around 11 and he was sleeping soundly. Pretty much in exactly the spot he'd been in originally too. He must have been ready for bed.

Around 3 am I heard him calling "Momma! Daddy! Where are you?" and jumped up to get him. He was standing at his gate, the light was on and Nana was looking around.

Turns out he fell out of bed (it's only about 8 inches off the floor) and Nana woke to see him sitting there. She asked if he was ok and he asked to "See Daddy?" She told him Daddy was sleeping and asked if he wanted to climb into bed with her. He climbed up, and was still for a few minutes, but then he wanted his binkies. He couldn't find them though so she had gotten up to help him find them. One had fallen between the bed and the door. That's when I came in.

We turned off his light, and turned on his music. I noticed he was pretty wet so I changed his diaper. Then I pulled his bed out from the wall to find his binky. I was walking between his bed and the wall, holding Nicky and feeling with my feet for the binky when I lost my balance (not at my best at 3am). I fell right into sitting down hard on his bed. Thank goodness it held! That bed is sturdier than I thought!

I retrieved the bink and sat in his bean bag chair to cuddle him for a few songs. I'd put this in his room so I could sit next to his bed to read him a story before he first went to sleep. It worked out well. (I'd have been stuck in there if I tried sitting on the floor!) After two songs he was ready to lie down again. And he went right to bed, sleeping through the night. He was still sleeping when I left the house at 8:30am.

What a big boy!

Now I can't wait to hear how nap time goes today. I'm not optimistic about that one. We'll see.


Anonymous said...

Bravo!!! Tell Nicky Grammie is so proud of him and sends him lots of hugs and kisses!
xxxoooGrammie :)
p.s. Sorry, you took a midnight tumble, Angie, and so glad you are alright today! xxooMom :)