Tuesday, August 15, 2006

We're eating PEARS now!

Well Nicky now has added pears to our list of foods! I know, we were going to do bananas next, but the Gerber bananas sucked so bad and I hadn't gotten to the store for fresh ones. So now a typical dinner has been Veal pate with green bean casserole and sweet potato souffle, with pear glace for dessert. Or in common vernacular veal, green beans, sweet potatoes and pears all mushy and bland from Gerber. I've added a video of his first meal of pears to the Nicky's Photos link on the right.

Nicky is also getting a lot more tummy time with daddy during the day. Daddy lets the pups outside to play and then puts down a blanket or sheet on the livingroom floor where they can roll around and play. Here's a typical photo of Nicky on the floor. You can probably tell they've been rolling around....

Just today Nicky discovered the joys of rattle socks. Tom took a little video so I'll have to see if it is clear enough for the blog. He was kicking up a storm! He wore his little self out, so now he's napping before dinner. What a sweetheart he is!