Thursday, August 10, 2006

The many faces of Nicky

Well, I just uploaded a whole bunch of August images. JM went crazy with the camera on Sunday and these are AMAZING pictures! I'm pretty sure you'll have to agree with me on this. ;)

I also uploaded some video today showing Nicky's first reactions to green beans last week, and then we started veal this week. He wasn't too into that at first, but mixed with bites of sweet potatoes and green beans, veal seems to be a hit too. We were going to try bananas next, but I gave him one bite and then tried it myself. The gerber brand of bananas SUCKS! I threw it all away. They add citric acid or something to keep the color, but it was way too acidic! Blech! So we did veal instead. We'll do bananas this weekend, but we'll mash them up fresh for him with formula. He'll love em I'm sure!

On the mobility front, Nicky is really into rolling now. On Tuesday morning Tom called me on my way to work because he'd gone in to check on Nicky and Nicky had scooted to the corner where Wendel (his rainbow worm) was and then grabbed him and rolled over. He was so proud! Here's a pic I asked Tom to take!