Thursday, August 31, 2006

E is for Ernesto

Maybe we're just going to have storms that start with vowels hit us this year. Ernesto turned out to be a light rain for us. Thank goodness! The university stayed open, but I was just too nervous to go in to work. Everything was indicating that it was going to stay a tropical storm all the way through Florida, and if UF changed it's mind and sent everyone home at noon, I was going to be driving for an hour south INTO the storm. So I called in and stayed home with Nicky and Tom. Jessica was with us too. It was fairly uneventful though. We didn't even lose power! YAY! Hey, that's a BIG thing for us! Even when there isn't a named storm coming through. ;)

New movies on the blog. Nicky took to peas just fine, but seems to have developed an aversion to carrots. Or maybe they just don't go together as well as Forrest Gump said... I also have a short one on there of Nicky learning the joys of cold applesauce. He wasn't sure to start, but I think he likes how it feels in his mouth now. I also added a few pics to August from Ernesto-day. Nicky is just too darn cute!

He's able to get on his hands and knees and rock now, and I'm betting he'll be crawling within a week! More videos of that to come!