Thursday, August 03, 2006

I've organized the photo album!

Ok, well I've organized the digital photo album that's online. My computer files are still a mess and I still don't even have an actual photo album, but it's a start.

Now the good news is you can click on Nicky's Photos and choose a month and see all the photos of Nicky (and anyone else I happened to photograph) in that month. I have the movies all in a separate folder so that if you're using a slow connection you won't accidently click on a movie and lock up your computer for a year.

The bad news is that all the photos I have inserted in the blog are now showing broken links until I get around to fixing them all. Fat chance of that anytime soon I'd say. So to see Nicky (and he's definitely worth seeing!) you'll have to click on Nicky's Photos on the link to the right.

Hopefully this will be worth the effort of organizing. It was getting a little crazy with over 10 pages of photos.