Monday, February 06, 2012

Opening doors, sword fighting, flying to Chicago, and tossing the bottles. Just a little busy.

Whew. That was a busy week!

Last week I went to Chicago on a business trip. I thought for sure I would freeze to death and so had gotten a wool coat for the trip. But apparently we brought the warm weather with us and the temps were in the 40's and 50's for the most part. Weird. The only snow on the ground was the odd pile of dirty snow. Can't say I'm sorry though, at least I wasn't cold!

Tom spent the week with the kids, and while I was gone, the girls learned how to open doors. That's fun. We thought about getting those doorknob protector things, but remembered that Nicky learned to dismantle those pretty fast. So instead I remembered how I'd tied a sock to the doorknob in Gainesville and that worked well for him. I rigged that up on Saturday. At first Lily figured out how to pull it off anyway, but then I cut holes around the ankle of the sock, and then threaded the string through it. Now she can't get them off. It's been two days and they're still on. So we'll see how that goes. We only have them on the bathroom door and Nicky's door. They're still opening their door, their closet and the two hall closets. But hopefully the novelty will wear off. The one thing we really need to do is put slide locks up high on the front and back doors though. They can't reach the deadbolt yet, but better safe now!

This weekend I had my bunco night on Friday, and won back the money I spent, which is always nice! But mostly I had fun laughing and talking with a great group of women. I'm glad I went even though I was tired from the long week. Sunday was Tom's day to get out. He went to sword practice with some friends and then later to a Super Bowl party. He had a great time and it was a well deserved break.

And the biggest thing over the last week or so? The girls are officially off the bottle! Starting Sunday they're off them totally and just have a sippy of cold milk, about 6-8 ounces, before their nap and bedtime. Then a little cuddle with their blankets through one song, then down to sleep. It's working really well so far. I'm really glad to get this transition done!

So we're all healthy and happy, just busy!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update on the busy Mott household! Love you all bunches and bunches!!! xxxxxooooo:)