Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Goodbye Susan

You see that pink and white banner over there on the right? The one that says Team Whymommy? It's been there for a few years. Since July 23, 2007 to be exact. It's been there to show my support for a wonderful woman and blogger I "met" over the internet through reading her blog back in early 2007. Shortly before she found out she had Inflammatory Breast Cancer (the cancer without a lump).

Susan fought that cancer, and the next iterations of cancer that just kept coming, for over four years. She was able to stay an extra four years to see her boys get a little bit older, to enjoy time with her husband a little bit more.

But dammit it just was NOT enough.

Susan passed away today, February 6th. And while part of me must be thankful that she is no longer in constant pain, my heart is just broken for her husband, and most of all for her boys. They're just about Nicky's age, and it hits hard to try and even imagine it.

Goodbye Susan. You are already missed.


Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about your friend,Susan,passing. How
sad for her family and for
young mothers everywhere.
Cancer is a cruel reality even
in our enlightened times.
Remembering to love others and feel gratitude for each day we are granted is the legacy a special woman like Susan witnesses to us.
Love and Hugs across the miles to you, dearest Daughter.

Angela said...

Thanks Mom. Hugs to you too.