Monday, February 13, 2012

Diagnosis: Not in danger of exploding

Sometimes I suppose it's good to know what ISN'T wrong with you.

Although it would be nice to know what IS wrong sometimes too.

I was hurting today, and so after having been in pain since Friday night I tried calling to get in to see a doctor. Not the easiest thing to do since I don't actually have a doctor here yet. Since I couldn't wait for March to be seen, I ended up going to Urgent Care. They pretty much looked at me, listened to my symptoms and sent me to the ER.


I got to the ER about 3pm. I got triaged just after 4pm. Shown to a room around 5:30. Drank a "banana smoothie" at 6:30 and waited for that to work. Then CT scanned at 8pm. On my way home around 10pm.

Lovely way to spend an evening. I don't really recommend it.

Diagnosis is that they have no idea why I'm in so much pain. While they were able to confirm the hernia, it's not causing vascular issues at this point. They did find out I have diverticulosis, but it's not inflamed and shouldn't cause pain. They mentioned that I might have fibroids, but that shouldn't cause pain where I'm feeling it. (Note to self to get to an lady-doc sometime in the next few months about that!) No tumors, no torsions, no obstructions.

So the good news is I don't have to worry about anything exploding. That's actually kind of a relief.

In the meantime we're to treat it as a muscle tear or strain and use naproxen, heat, support and don't do things that hurt. So don't anyone tell me any funny jokes for a few days!

The doctor said this will either "resolve or evolve" Either get better, or turn into something with more symptoms and evidence they can diagnose.

By the time I arrived home, Nicky and the girls were all asleep. I'll talk with Nicky tomorrow about my adventure at the hospital. I'm sure he'll be impressed.