Thursday, August 25, 2011


Tomorrow is Nicky's first Friday at the end of his first week of Kindergarten. So far it's been awesome for him! We took him to school the first day and he was in Miss Y's class. Tom picked him up after school.

The next day Nicky rode the bus! He really wanted to, and had been disappointed not to ride it home on the first day actually, so we agreed to let him ride. But we did follow the bus all the way to school anyway to see the route, gauge the age of the kids, and make sure he made it ok.

When we got to the school, Tom dropped me off so I could meet Nicky's NEW teacher. They added another K teacher and Nicky was one of the kids moved to her class. This is Ms. T. I met Nicky as he entered the K pod with the other bus kids and he was happy to see me. (Oh, and I remembered his glasses that day) However he had forgotten his school bag (which is a big ziplock bag with his name on it. Yeah, no backpacks for kindergarten for some reason) and his glasses case was in there. Luckily it was still on the bus in the afternoon when Tom met him at the bus stop.

I didn't see Nicky come home on the bus because I was in VIRGINIA! Yes, my big thing was a job interview in Virginia Beach. I flew up on two flights with a layover in North Carolina. I was actually in the plane on the runway when the earthquake struck and no one on the plane felt it because the engines were already going. We also didn't know anything about it because it was already past time for everyone to turn off their electronic devices. When we landed in VA though everyone turned on their iPhones and you heard a lot of "OMG there was an Earthquake!"

It was awfully nice of Mother Nature to provide me with ample conversation starters for my interviews though! Between the earthquake that just happened and the upcoming hurricane, well there was never an awkward silence! Not that I let those happen much anyway. If you didn't know, I'm kind of a talker. ;)

I had interviews and a lovely dinner with my potential bosses that night and more interviews Wednesday morning. And right before lunch (and my flight out) I was offered the job! I tell you I am so excited about this job. It's absolutely perfect for me. Customer service/tech support kind of thing for a company that creates and supports library software. It has it all: education/training/troubleshooting/customer service/travel/communication/technology/challenges/learning new things/collaboration... I can't even tell you how excited I am.

Tom is also over the moon about both the job and the move! He's wanted to move up north forever. And this is a great compromise because it's up there where he'll have seasons and yet not so far that I'll fear we all will die in a snowdrift. Nicky is excited too. He's already been telling everyone we're moving to Virginia Beach. (Even before the interview!)

Even though I don't have family there (although I'm kind of thinking I'm going to have MORE there in the not-to-distant future), it seems to be a close-knit office, everyone seems very nice, and I know several bloggers up there I hope I'll be able to meet. I don't think they live super close, more like DC, but still, much closer than to Florida! Maybe next year I'll get to go to BlogHer or something like that.

Anyway, there is so much to think about for the move, for finishing up my job (definitely don't plan to leave anyone in the lurch, so have to have that wrapped up nicely), and for getting ready for a new awesome job.

We have to think about the dogs. Kenji will be easy (hm, don't think I've told his story yet have I?) but Benjamin is going to be a basket-case to move. He is so scared of people and well, everything, that the drive is going to be really hard on him. We might have to dose him up with benadryl or something stronger for the trip. I thought about giving him away to someone here, but I can't imagine anyone would take him and we can just give him to the pound or something. He's a sweetheart, just a big chicken-hearted sweetheart. I just hope his heart holds out! He is kind of old for a big dog (8 years this Christmas).

Anyway, I'm exhausted after my first day back. I worked like mad today to catch up and plan for all the projects I'd like to either finish or delegate. Now I just have to get it all done and get to VA for my first day of work on September 16th! So exciting!


Babykitty said...

8 years old for a large dog. we have an australian shepherd that is 12.5 yrs old. ;) Good luck in the move and the new job. I am sure you will be amazing. As for stress. there is some stuff you can give dogs to help with that. you get it at places like petco but if it is really bad. ask the doctor for something stronger, just make sure you give to them in the crate so that you don't have to pick up a knocked out dog. Marble don't travel well either (drools, poops, vomits) i have to give her some calming stuff and she can't eat before we leave (even short trips to the vet are bad)