Wednesday, August 17, 2011

No Child Left Behind. Oh sure. Right.

We found out today that the school board decided in their infinite wisdom that rather than let us send Nicky to our first choice, which is a good 13 miles away, they would be sending him to the other option, 30 miles away.

Um, No.

So instead of going to a school where they have a 77% passing rate for 3rd graders, we're going to have to keep him at his zoned school where they have a 38% passing rate for 3rd graders.

Hooray for school choice. No Child Left Behind! (Well unless you count mine of course right? Oh, and all the other kids left at his zoned school. And apparently the majority of the 10,000 students who were zoned for schools that didn't make AYP for two years running. But whose counting right?)

Just a LITTLE bit frustrated about that. I suppose in the grand scheme of things we can make up for any lack in his education at this level. But we have high hopes to get him into another school as soon as possible. Maybe a school VERY far away actually. Things cooking on the horizon folks! Should know more in the next few weeks. Just keep your fingers crossed ok?

So anyway. We'll be meeting Nicky's teacher Friday and find out all the stuff he'll need for the first day of school. I'm glad we didn't assume he'd go to the other school and get uniforms and supplies for there as the lists are different. Looks like we'll have some shopping to do this weekend though! It's bound to be a madhouse since it's the weekend before public schools and UF fall classes start!

Now, next post I'll finally get around to talking about the newest member of the family:
Loving on Kenji


Anonymous said...

I love you all!!! Nicky will never be a child left behind! He has super parents!!! Love you all bunches and bunches!!! xxxxxooooo :)