Monday, September 05, 2011

Wrapping up our time in FL

So so busy! I'm wrapping up things at work as best as I can. I don't want to leave anything to fall through the cracks there. Tom's been assigned Relocation Manager of this move, so I'm trying to leave all the planning of that to him. I told him I don't mind being directed and doing work (we're trying to sort through everything and figure out what is coming and what is getting tossed or donated) but the project management aspect is going to have to fall to him. (I've been able to resist drawing up a Gantt chart so's tough but I need to back off and relinquish control. I can do this.)

Nicky is all excited about the move. The girls have no idea of course, but they'll love it too I'm sure. Kenji will be easy to move, but's gonna suck. No two ways about it. I've actually put out a call on facebook to see if anyone would like to add him to their family. It's just going to be so hard on him. I'm sure he'll be alright once we get there (I hope).

We have a house in mind, just have to settle the rent/deposit/fees etc and get a move in date. I'll be heading up, likely driving the car, around mid-month. Tom and everyone will likely come up a few weeks later. The house is on the market for a short sale at a whopping 30k. That is 59k LESS than we bought it for. I could just weep. Except for the fact that I am SO glad to be getting out from under the house AND be starting my new job. It's hard to care much in light of the new job! Now we'll just have to see if it actually sells.

Other stuff going on:

Nicky is really enjoying school. He is riding the bus to and from everyday. Loves it! Tom takes him to the bus stop and picks him up there too. They give him a lot of homework which is quite annoying. It's Kindergarten for pete's sake! I do a little with him before dinner each evening, but it's much more important to me that he gets to bed on time (which is going great actually) so I just let it go. I'm not knocking ourselves out to do worksheets.

Lily and Gabi are doing great. Lily is still a little artist. She loves to draw. We went to Nicky's open house at his school and Lily pulled out a chair and sat down with paper and crayons to draw the whole time. Gabi was more interested in walking around with Daddy and Nicky though.

Gabi is able to walk several steps independently now. She doesn't do it a lot yet, but she can. Lily could probably do it, but she isn't quite yet. I think a big factor is that they just don't have the floorspace in our house to require it. Why bother when you can just cruise all over the house? When we move to our new place I'm sure they'll start walking a lot.

Gabi also went poop in the big potty today! We're not really potty-training yet, but she was having a hard time going and I had her ready to go in the tub after lunch anyway, so I held her over the kids' seat on the potty and she went. Very exciting! One of the things I'm so looking forward to in our new place is having TWO bathrooms! That will make training a lot easier I think. Heck it'll make everything a lot easier!

Nicky is actually running a fever today. He took two naps all on his own, so we know he doesn't feel good. His fever broke first after the last dose of children's tylenol, and then again after I gave him one 200mg ibuprofen. I was out of the kids' stuff, so I checked the dosage and at his age that's how much he gets anyway. He has no trouble swallowing pills which just amazes me. I was like 12 when I finally figured it out. I remember medicines being such torture as a kid for so long. But he's already got the pill thing down pat! Should make dealing with allergies/asthma/etc so much easier for him.

The girls are going in for their 15 month pediatric visit tomorrow afternoon. Originally I wasn't going to go (this is my last week of work here after all) but with Nicky sick, Tom's going to need my help. So work in the morning and then they can pick me up for the afternoon appointment.

I can't believe my time at work here is almost done. It's been 7 years since I started working in the library here. That's definitely the longest I've ever been at one place. I think I have made a great difference here in my time though. I've met and worked with so many great people and on so many projects that have had a lot of impact on our institution. I'm definitely proud of my accomplishments here. But it is time to move on. No regrets at all. This is going to be awesome!


Anonymous said...

Poor Nicky! Tell him Grammie is praying he feels better quickly.
Hard to believe the twins are 15mos. old already!
Still hoping to see you all before you all move. Love you all bunches and bunches!!! xxxxxoooooGrammie:)

KD Jewelry said...

My Daughter STILL won't take pills and she is 16 years old!! LOL - She has tried but she just can't do it! Wishing wellness on your family!