Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Girls 9 month checkup

That's Lily on the left there.

Girls had their 9 month checkup on Feb 22nd and they both weighed exactly 18 lbs. Gabi was about an inch taller (or stretchier). They are right on track for most everything, but for whatever reason they still can't sit up on their own. Just to be on the safe side we're having them evaluated on March 25th. They'll probably choose that day to show off and sit perfectly of course. But better to go ahead with the evaluation and be told they're fine than the other way round.

On that note, Lily is pulling up, and just tonight pulled all the way up to standing on sofa. Yeah, not too worried about her. Gabi can pull up according to Tom, but she isn't doing it as much so I haven't really seen her do it yet. They can both sit if you put them that way, but Gabi starts to lean forward and seems uncomfortable sometimes. And they can't get themselves in a sitting position.

Nicky is having his 5th birthday party this Saturday. Tom and I are both sick (me working on my second full week of sick now) and apparently Gatornationals are also this weekend, so we might have no one come other than family. Super. Luckily Liz and Grammie were able to book the last hotel room in town. The other folks will all be staying at our house. With one bathroom. Should be an interesting weekend!

Nicky's having a Hello Kitty/Transformer party, although he's more in the Hello Kitty part it seems. Aunt Jessie is coming and supplying the HK stuff which is going to be awesome. I'm baking a HK cake (somehow). And not sure how we'll incorporate the Transformers. Maybe a pinata? Who knows. If no kids are coming anyway maybe we'll just skip the Transformer part all together.

You know, it would be nice if I could be healthy for one of Nicky's birthdays for a change. It's pretty overwhelming to try to plan all this when we're so sick.

Anyway, that's my attempt at a post. I've got to get back into the habit!

Oh, one more thing! We've picked Nicky's glasses. I can't even remember if I posted about that yet. He went for his first eye doctor visit and turns out he needs glasses! I'm so glad we took him! He's going to be adorable in them. They should come in next week.


Anonymous said...

Angela- need I remind you that Colin almost walked before he sat up? He was 9 1/2 months before he sat up on his own- and was running around the house 2 weeks later!

jodifur said...

How can they be 9 months old?