Saturday, March 19, 2011

Evaluation time

I finally had time to clear the last 2 months of pics and videos off my camera today. Now I just need to process and upload them to photobucket!

Right now we're getting ready for Nicky's evaluation Monday afternoon. I'm really suspecting ADD with possible ADHD. I'm not sure about the hyperactivity component, but he has the attention span of a cricket and it's driving everyone, including him, nuts. I really hope we find out what we can do to help him focus.

We'll also be asking about academic redshirting. He just turned five and holding him out a year might really make a big difference in his academic success. But we're also worried he might get bored. His teachers all say he's very smart, just can't focus and pay attention.

Then Friday morning the girls are getting their evaluation. They check five development areas: gross motor, fine motor, social, language and cognitive. The only one I've been concerned about has been their gross motor. Of course right after we had the initial visit to fill in the paperwork, Gabi decided to sit up occasionally (ok, twice) and Lily can pull up to stand. But they still aren't very good at sitting, which Lily proved this week by falling backwards and wacking her head twice. And Lily still can't get into a sitting positon, except for that one time we came in her room and she was sitting. Gah, they're most likely totally fine, but we're going to do the evaluation anyway, because the appointment is set and they are hard to get. And what better thing than to have someone tell you, officially, they're totally fine?

Anyway, pictures soon I hope. Nicky's getting so big! He's already FIVE and had a great birthday that I'll have to write about soon. He's adorable in his glasses, and he's set to "graduate" from preschool on May 2nd. (I know we're thinking of redshirting him, but he'll graduate anyway...even though Tom is adamant about "graduating" preschool being silly.) I had to pick out 6 photos of him growing up for the ceremony, so I've just been going thru his old photos. So cute! I went with photos from his birthdays. Or close enough. I'll have to share...

2 months old:

1 year old:

2 years old:

3 years old:

4 years old (with Lily):

5 years old... well I'm planning to try to use one from his birthday, or at least one with his new glasses. It'll come.