Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Evaluations: update

Nicky's evaluation went well Monday. Luckily Nana was able to stay and watch the girls, so it was just Tom and I with Nicky. Nicky would have had a much harder time focusing if we'd had to take the girls.

It took quite a while for the testing. They were testing him in several areas, and the lady we were working with said it was taking so long because he was doing so well. They had to keep increasing the level of difficulty until he bottomed out.

We'll get the results at the end of April and discuss whether he would qualify for services then. As it is now, we all agree he would likely get bored if we held him back from kindergarten next year, so we'll go ahead and send him on. I just hope we can get some accommodations in place or something before the year starts (or right at the beginning).

Next comes the girls' evaluation Friday morning. We'll get the results right then and there which will be great. The girls must have heard about the evaluation, because of course they can sit now. Gabi figured it out on the 13th, and Lily just figured it out on the 22nd. Gabi is still not quite pulling up yet, but she can get to a sitting position easier. Lily can pull up and stand like a champ, but to sit she has to pull up to her knees first, and then kind of twist herself down.

Lily demonstrates here:

Oh, and just because I think it's funny...
One of our favorite games to play around here:

I go for my eye exam tomorrow morning. I don't expect I'll need glasses, but I'm way overdue for a visit. I think I last went when I was about 15 or so. So it's been a few years.