Saturday, February 19, 2011

Breaking the ice

Oh My GOD. This is just getting ridiculous.

Just need to post already.

It probably goes without saying that we've been busy lately. But I'll say it anyway. January was the Month of Sick. We really never had to go through this when Nicky was a baby, but now that he's in preschool he brings home everything and the girls are catching it all. All three of them ended up with the chest cold from hell and double ear infections. Of course that meant THREE separate doctor visits because they got them about 3 days apart. Thank goodness for free antibiotics at Publix anyway. Especially since our copays wen't up 5$. Not a big deal until you have so many of them.

The girls finally got better by February. They'd had the antibiotics for the ear infections, saline and suction for the sinus thing (that's all we could do for their poor noses), and nebulizer treatments for the rattling, wheezing coughing.

Thank goodness that somehow Tom and I avoided whatever the hell laid them so low.

In other news, I hope to have upcoming posts about these in detail, but:

Nicky started a theater class on Saturdays. It runs for 6 weeks. It's at 9am across town. Who needs sleep?

I've been trying to take Nicky around to other activities on the weekend to spend some one on one time with him. We've had a ball going to a gymnastics meet, a swim meet, the medieval fair, shopping, and of course birthday parties.

Speaking of birthday parties, Nicky's birthday will be on March 12th, hopefully at a park, and will be a "Hello Kitty Party". He's been wanting one of these for a year now, so we're going to make it happen.

I'll try to post more often. I have tons of photos and movies lined up, but need a site to host them as my photobucket account is full. I'm looking into options. Promise.


Anonymous said...

Thank you! Good to see your blogging again. Still would like movies of the children though. Hello Kitty Birthday! Wow! that is novel for a Transformer/Truck young fellow. :) His Aunt Jessie will be thrilled though!
Love you all bunches and bunches!
xxxxxoooooGrammie :)

Elizabeth said...

Thanks goodness, I got tired of looking at your Christmas tree! I think I looked at yours 3x as much as mine when it was up at my house (until mid Jan)!

Did you see the pictures of Chloe's Hello Kitty party on Lexie's fb page? ADORABLE! Sounds like fun, I'm rsvping...