Saturday, July 25, 2009

It's hard work, and it takes a long time

I've been doing the ovulation testing kit every morning.

On the first morning I was doing it, Nicky came into the bathroom and said he had to go potty. So I moved over to sit on the edge of the tub where I had the cup-o-pee and the ovulation strip ready to dip in it.

Nicky sat on the potty to do his thing, and asked "is that pee-pee?" I said yes. He looked over at the box that was sitting by the sink. It had a photo of a woman with a baby in her arms. Nicky says "oh, baby pee-pee." Then he asked "what you doing?"

I told him I was testing, and that we were trying to make a baby. We'd been talking to him about trying to make a baby brother or sister for a few weeks. Nicky said "Ohhhh, trying to make a baby" in a very understanding tone of voice. Then he finished up with his potty business and left the bathroom to get dressed with Tom.

I finished testing and then was getting ready for work. I was just finishing braiding my hair when Nicky came back in the bathroom.

He looked around, and then said "where's the baby?"


Anonymous said...

lol...he is so cute!

I'm sorry about your hip. I hope that the physical therapy helps it heal right up.

Love you guys!
Aunt Liz

Jann said...

Wishing you all the best for #2!! I hope it happens fast for you!!