Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ready to Ride

Nicky thoroughly enjoyed his birthday party Saturday. He now has a new tool set, big wheel and digital camera, along with a whole bunch of clothes, crayons and coloring books, books, legos, a whole huge bag of M&Ms, and even 8 dollars in cash! Mostly I think he liked having a huge crowd over to make him the center of attention though. I mean, who wouldn't like that. :)

Here he is, all decked out in his new safety gear to ride his big wheel. He looks so cute in it!

All decked out to ride his new big wheel

The binky saga continues, but tonight I pulled down some of his cute stuffed animals that he hadn't seen in a while. They usually reside in a hammock up near the ceiling out of the way. I found a super soft blue elephant who looks like a binky with his big ears, so I named him binky and gave him to Nicky. He also got a Pooh bear, another bear with a hat that he said was "Santa Claus," two frogs, a walrus and a Peter Rabbit.

That was the one I was originally looking for because Nicky's had this thing with me making a rabbit with my hand that he talks to. It's named "Bunny" and he loves talking with it. The past few days he's told Bunny that Bunny is three years old and then he tells Bunny he's going to give him a party and he sings "Happy Birthday to Bunny." It's very cute. Well he was telling Bunny that he couldn't have binkies anymore. (Bunny used to try to steal Nicky's binkies.) And that gave me the idea that he and Bunny (as Peter Rabbit) could comfort each other now that they're both without binkies.

We'll see how that goes. Thank you for your kind comments. It's been really hard.