Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tears of Motherhood

Before Nicky came along sure, I'd feel bad when I'd hear about people being hurt in disasters, crimes, accidents, heck even the movies. Maybe even cry for perfect strangers, yes, even fictional ones.

But ever since having Nicky I cry at the drop of a hat it seems. A song, an ad, a news story, a blog post, a speech, a kid's story. (Gawd, so many of his books I can't even READ to him because I bawl so hard by page two.)

I'd noticed this not long after giving birth. At first I just chalked it up to hormones. Then sleep-deprivation. But he's two and a half now. He sleeps through the night. I have no excuses anymore for my proclivity to dissolve into an empathetic mess.

Am I the only one? Is this a normal part of motherhood?


Jann said...

I am the same!!! Glad it's not just me!

Anonymous said...

Yes! It is motherhood. Welcome.