Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fell off the planet

Well in that last post, where I was going straight to bed because I was too wiped out to stay up for the election results?

Yeah, well I started puking right when they were announcing the winner. What was that? About 10:30pm? By 10:30am when we were trying to get me to the doctor, we ended up having to call an ambulance to transport me to the hospital. I had the worst case of stomach flu ever. After a whole day in the ER they admitted me and I stayed in the hospital for days.

By Friday Nicky started getting sick. Tom had my stepmother-in-law, JM, over to help out. They took Nicky to the doctor and got him some nausea medicine. He was still hydrated enough to go home.

By that night Tom was puking. He was picked up by an ambulance on Saturday morning. By that afternoon I was on the 2nd floor and Tom was up on the 4th floor. Tom's dad and JM were both home with Nicky. And that was the first time ever that Nicky spent a night without either Tom or I with him. I was so worried about him, but he was having a good time with Grandma and Grandpa.

Saturday Nicky was fine, but Sunday night he was sick again. That was a nerve-wracking night for everyone.

Monday I finally was discharged and came home. Tuesday Tom came home. Tuesday Charles came down with this flu, and now today JM is coming down with it. It's some kind of modern-day puke-plague. Hopefully everyone will stay hydrated enough to stay out of the hospital.

Aside from this plague, my Grandfather passed away Friday night. My mom had gone down to see him when he took a turn for the worse on the same day I went to the hospital. My mom was so worried about him and me, but she needed to be down there. She was there when he passed away. He had acute myelogenous leukemia. His funeral will be tomorrow, but we're still too sick to attend. He was my last grandparent. Fortunately we were able to have a really nice visit with him back in September.

Needless to say, the vacation that we'd had planned for this week has been totally blown out of the water. We had rented a cottage on Lake Lanier for Nov 8-15th for Tom, Nicky, and I and my mom, Liz and Jodi. I'm so glad Liz and Jodi were able to go. They're under orders to have enough fun for all of us. They said the cottage is really nice. So we'll definitely do this again. Hopefully it will work out better next time!

All I can figure is we were really meant to stay home this week. At first, when I first went to the hospital we thought I'd be better in time for our vacation. Then we thought we might have to come up a few days later, but we'd still make it. But then when Nicky and Tom ended up sick we knew we weren't going anywhere. We got the message.

So we're home. Eating meals of soup, toast and gatorade. Hopefully we'll be back to normal next week.


jodifur said...

so sorry you have been sick!

Jann said...

I hear you on the sickness I blogged about my nasty bout with it. However mine was nothing compared to yours! Sending your whole family get well vibes!