Wednesday, May 02, 2007

My Daemon and My Asthma

That was a fun little thing I found online via some of my library blogs. I'd read this children's book but didn't realize they're making it into a movie. I can't wait to see it! The first book of the trilogy was best, not as good as Harry Potter, but good. The last book was not so great. I hope the movie is more like the first book!

I'm feeling much better cold-wise, but my asthma is acting up. I actually didn't even realize it was asthma till yesterday. It was Saturday when "the cough" hit me at dinner time. I got it under control with a cough suppressant that night, but it hit again Monday night really badly and kept me home Tuesday. I figured out that it was all the smoke from the fires in Waycross, GA that triggered my asthma. On the one hand I'm actually glad this is it and I'm not coming down with pnuemonia or something. I was dreading having to go to the doctor. So now I'm trying to just stay inside as much as possible and use my inhaler. I'm still coughing, but hopefully it will rain in the next few days and clear out the air. I found a picture online of what it looked like on Monday (when I got a lot of exposure that made me so sick Tuesday). Here's the pic.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sweeties---Loved the movie of Nicky having fun in his first bubble bath event! He is going to be so much fun to watch this weekend---yes! yes! yes!!!

xxxooo :)

Liz made me take that test for the Daemon of The Golden Compass game and
it turns out that the fox named Nickleus fit my personality---go figure! Noticed you changed yours
Angie from a bee to a fox like creature too----I would think everyone would get a different one everytime they took the test---depends on your mood don't you think? Jodi took it twice and twice she was a different bird---but still a bird. Liz first was a spider and then took it again and was a monkey named Nickleus----mmmmm---not sure, I would probably take this test again and---might turn out to be a Kangaroo named Bubba.:o!

Jann said...

Holy! No wonder your asthma was acting up! That's crazy smoke!