Friday, April 20, 2007

Now I'm sick

It was inevitable I guess. I mean, I'm not going to avoid holding and kissing my baby just because he's sick. If anything I'm going to hold and kiss him more! So now I'm sick. Ick. I'm looking forward to spending a weekend in my pajamas with my box of tissues and a cup of tea. Oh, and with my sick baby sneezing and coughing all over me and said pajamas.

Sounds cozy.

Nicky did go to the pediatrician Wednesday. The doctor said his lungs were clear and his ears are perfect. He said to keep giving him milk and that it's an old wives' tale that milk increases mucus production. (I don't believe that is an old wives' tale, but I'll give him milk anyway.) So we're keeping him on the Triaminic and the Robitussin and hoping he'll feel lots better soon.

I on the other hand am still wanting to take him to the doctor on a daily basis so that we can just make sure that all that rattling is really post-nasal drip and not pneumonia. But then, I'm probably just a bit paranoid.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sweeties!!! You are in our thoughts and prayers. Have a quiet weekend, taking care of each other tenderly, and remember to think happy, uplifting and "health"-strengthful thoughts. :)

Love you all so much!

xxxoooGrandmomma :)

Anonymous said...

Oh! I love the two new movies and pics ---Nicky is so adorable!!! I can wait to see you all!!!
I heard your cough Angie! Take care of yourself, please --I expect you all well by this weekend, or else
I play Mama Nurse! :)
Love you all bunches and bunches!
xxxoooGrandmomma :)
P.S. Angie, Nicky is "wonderfully" cute --- He is perfect! Can't wait to hold and hug him again!!! :)