Wednesday, April 18, 2007

It was bound to happen sooner or later

Nicky is sick. Friday he ran a fever, not sure what it was since the stupid ear thermometer just said 94.7 no matter whose ear it was stuck into. Tylenol and Ibuprofen seemed to control it, but Nicky still seemed a little wilted till Saturday. That's when the runny nose started, and then add in a cough on Monday. We've been giving him Triaminic since Monday and then yesterday we added Robitussin to the mix.

Tom's taking him to the pediatrician today. Hopefully he won't end up with an ear infection or anything, but it will make me feel better to have him checked out before the weekend hits.

Poor little Pickle. He's pretty miserable right now and thank goodness we have a sling. He's so darn heavy, but in the evenings he doesn't want to be set down at all. He was happy to sit cuddled up to me in his sling last night though.

I haven't been taking movies or photos of him like I usually do though. Hopefully he'll perk up a bit soon and I can snap a few photos for you.

Oh, other stuff, I filled my prescription for the beta blockers. And then I went online to research beta blockers and Premature Atrial Contractions (PACs). I've decided NOT to take the beta blockers, which probalby makes me a horribly non-compliant person. But there really isn't much supporting evidence out there for them helping PACs, and everything I found says PACs are not anything to worry about, and that their cause is usually idiomatic (meaning they have no clue what's behind them).

So I'm prescribing exercise and stress-management for myself. With Nicky sick it's the perfect impetus for me to start driving myself to work, which nets me two 15 minute walks a day to the parking lot. With it still being light outside now when I get home maybe I'll add in a walk after dinner.

With Tom being able to not worry about picking me up he actually was able to have dinner ready for me yesterday when I got home. That means we might actually be able to have dinner, a bath for Nicky and a walk before he goes to bed. That would be a nice habit to get into.

As for stress management, it's always come easily to me in the past and wasn't something I really had to think about. I just think now I might have to do some things a little more purposefully to benefit from them. Meditation, some time for me to relax, maybe get back to my knitting (Although I don't think I'm going to waste time working on Nicky's hoodie since it's practically summer now) or reading for fun.

So we'll see how that all goes.


Anonymous said...

That's my girl!!! Your new plan for better health is awesome!!!
So sorry to hear Nicky under the weather though. We will call and check on the doctor report tonight. Love you all---still watching the films and enjoying the photos of you'lls Easter visit with us.
We love you all so much!!! :):):) Can't wait to be together again.
Bunches and bunches of Love,
xxxoooGrandmomma :)