Monday, May 14, 2007

Just a little update and the big news!

It's just been too long since I changed the blog! We're all doing fine here. Nicky is still holding at two teeth and getting closer to walking everyday, but no action on either front yet.

The most exciting news is that Tom finished his classes and has received his bachelors degree! He's done! He's really REALLY done! Yay! He refused to walk for his graduation, so that made it feel a little anticlimactic I guess, along with the fact that at UF they mail you your degree even if you do walk, and it takes about 6 weeks to get it. Bummer. Maybe we'll have to have a party when his degree arrives! :) Anything to have a party, right?

Even though it might not feel like a big deal to Tom now (but it IS a big deal to me!) I know Tom's going to be so happy to have his degree under his belt. Nicky will be able to say both his parents graduated from college, and UF at that! Quite the prestigious place this year in particular. Especially if he turns out to be a football or basketball kind of guy.

So now Tom's working on writing his book. How cool would it be to be married to a published author? :)


Jann said...

Congrats Tom!!! What an amazing accomplishment!