Saturday, January 27, 2007

Updates and Tattoo Ideas

New photos from this morning have been added to the photo album. Enjoy!

I still haven't heard from the surgeon's office. Guess I'll call them on Monday. For anyone stalking my chart, it still looks promising! I can't help it, I'm very hopeful! Based on our timing I would totally expect it to be a boy. And Nicky would make a fabulous big brother. Hey, I can dream! :)

Tom's dad is home from the hospital. They're not sure, but they think he might have been on too many meds at once and his potassium was dangerously high. Very scary! I'm glad he's ok.

My mom is home too, and she seems to be doing well again. I can't wait for her to be all healed up! Then she can come visit us in our new place!

Speaking of visitors, I really ought to get my place ready for some! We STILL have all sorts of crap in our living room. It's pretty bad and I miss being able to sit in my recliner. I'm sure I'll dig up some motivation at some point...

My newest project is spending some quality time online and with pencil and paper trying to come up with a tattoo design. I've always wanted a tatoo, but I've been waiting to figure out exactly what I want, and exactly where I want it. I mean, these things are permanent, so I wanted mine to have a lot of meaning, be something that would maintain meaning long-term, and be in a place I can easily show, easily hide, and that won't halfway show in any typical clothes. I don't like it when they only show partway. I've finally got my inspiration. I want something to commemorate and celebrate my baby Nicky. I'm trying to come up with the perfect design now. I could just do text (his name, initials, birthdate, etc.) or I could do something more symbolic. He's a Pisces, he was born on St. Patrick's Day. I feel incredibly protective of him, like a momma bear, which has always been Tom's nickname for me, even before Nicky. Lots of possibilities. Have any ideas for me?


Anonymous said...

You do not need a visible mark on the skin of your body to honor the protective and overwhelming love you have for your son, Angela. You wear forever that love etched deeply on your heart and soul. Your lovely skin
should not a canvas be...for it protects, reflects and honors you.

Just the opinion of the mother who has you etched deeply forever on her heart and soul.

Love you xxxooo :)

Angela Mott said...

Oops. Well I guess I better not tell you about the hummingbird tattoo I'm working on to symbolize my love for my inspirational and wonderful mother. ;)
Love you Mom!

Anonymous said...

What about a little 4-leaf clover because you are both so LUCKY to have Nicholas AND he was born on St. Patrick's day. It's simple so maybe it won't hurt too much and it wouldn't be very expensive.
Aunt Liz

Anonymous said...

...Or you can have a rainbow with a pot of gold at the end, because Nicky is your little treasure!

Angela Mott said...

I have several designs with clovers in them. I did think of the rainbow and gold, maybe with Nicky's name and bday on the pot, but I might want to stick with something with just black/grey ink like Tom's. I worry about the colors fading and looking crappy.

I've got a bear paw print design I'm working on. I'll have to post a picture.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Good Grief! Angela!
I need to help you find something artsy- crafty to do for the baby and your new home. Remember the beautiful hummingbird ink picture card you did for me years back? What a treasure that piece of artwork is for me.....what a great piece of wall art any of those
designs could be for your family and your new home ....yes?

Love you bunches and bunches! Kiss
Nicky for me!
xxxooo Mom/Grandmomma :)

Angela Mott said...

That's right! I forgot I did that hummingbird picture. I could have THAT tattooed on me. :)

Am I making you nervous Mom?

MikeT said...

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Hope you enjoy them!