Wednesday, January 24, 2007

More Medical Mumbo-Jumbo

Well sort of. I finally got a call back from my doctor's office. They said they have the results and they're referring me to a surgeon tomorrow. I should get a call from the surgeon's office soon. Lovely. The only advice was to stay on a fat free diet and if in no pain I could work. So what do I do if I get pain AT work?? I'm working at home tomorrow anyway thank goodness, and then we'll see what the surgeon says tomorrow. Who knows, I might have surgery Friday!

I'm not the only medical mishap in the family lately. My mom was in the hospital for about 48 hours while they got her wound under control. She's on antibiotics and they opened it up a bit more to make it better. She's home today and hopefully will be feeling well enough soon to watch some new Nicky movies!

Tom's dad has joined the Walking Wounded club too. Today he was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. We don't know what it was yet, but he was really sick. Hopefully we'll here more soon.

Now, if we could just all get well and have everyone else STAY well that would be good! More Nicky movies coming. I have a few really cute pictures of Nicky sitting in the puzzle chair. This chair was Jessie's (I think it was a hand-me-down even back then from somewhere) and I've kept it all these years for my own kids. Tom got it out of storage and I cleaned it up and put it together last night. He seems to like it!


Anonymous said...

Thanks dear ones so much for the new movies of Nicky!!!
I just viewed them all in a marathon viewing session. All I can say is "wow" he is growing up so fast!!!
I am home now doing, I think, very well. Hopefully, things will go smoothly from here on out regarding my recovery.
Concern now is for my dear daughter and her hurting tummy situation. Poor baby! I wish I could be up there to help you right now---but thank heaven for Tom!
Love you all so much!!!

Angela Mott said...

Thanks Mom! I'm glad you're feeling up to watching Nicky videos! I'm sure those have healing powers, I always feel better after my Nicky-fix. I'll let you know when I hear from the surgeon. He didn't call today. Hopefully I'll hear more tomorrow.