Saturday, January 13, 2007

Go Gators!

So for anyone who didn't know. The Gators did win the National Football Championship this year. It was pretty neat. Tom and I aren't too into football anymore, but we used to be huge Gator fans back when we were both in school. We thought about going to the O'Connell center where they were showing the game, but we stayed home since we didn't want to disrupt Nicky's sleep schedule and we knew it was liable to get crazy near campus no matter what the result was. Tom was going to try to avoid watching the game so that his blood pressure didn't skyrocket (he gets quite into the sports stuff), but by the 2nd quarter I was hearing bits of the game coming from the TV in the den. I'm just glad the game went fairly smoothly from that point on so that he didn't have a heart attack or something.

I just uploaded several movies and some new January photos. I also went back and added about three December photos. I've got to make an effort to do more photos and not just movies all the time. It's hard to frame a movie.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Sweetie!!! I am so in Heaven looking at all the new pics and movies!!!
:):):)Love you bunches and bunches!!!
xxxoooGrandmomma :D

Anonymous said...

I know that shirt!
The funny thing is, Colin owre ti for his 2nd birthday and it was huge on him! LOL!