Thursday, June 21, 2012

Where'd May go?

It took all evening last night, and about 30 minutes tonight, but all May's photos and videos from my phone are loaded up on photobucket.

Love you Mom! I know I always have you for a reader. You keep me blogging :)

Speaking of blogging. I'm actually going to BlogHer this year. It's a conference geared towards women who blog although it includes men who blog too, so I'm not perfectly clear on the target audience. But I'm hoping to gain some ideas and inspiration for my own blog. I was thinking about it earlier today. I've been blogging now for nearly seven years. That's a long time! It's been hard to find time for blogging, and as Nicky's getting older he's more sensitive about what I put on the blog about him. I feel like I need to figure out a direction/focus for my blog, and I could benefit from some tips on keeping up with blogging when I have so much else going on.

And speaking of trips (BlogHer is in New York City! It'll be my first time there!) I am leaving in the morning for ALA in California. It's going to be my first time at ALA and my first time in California. Looking forward to it! But super nervous too. No particular reason. I'm always nervous about traveling. I always have a great time and meet really cool people though.

Hey, maybe with all my traveling for work I'll finally be open to an actual trip with Tom outside of the country some day. :) Probably should go get a passport at some point.


Anonymous said...

Love you, Sweet daughter! Hoping your flight is perfect and your time in California is all you want and need it to be. So proud of you!
God bless you richly and keep you safe.
Love you bunches and bunches!!!

Elizabeth said...

Hey, I'm an avid fan of your blog too!! I miss seeing you all and I hope I can come visit soon. I'm going to go look at all of May's photos and video's now, they will make my day!!

Have a fun and safe trip to CA. That's a long plane ride.

Elizabeth Newlin said...

Hi, Angela, It was so nice to meet you at BlogHer this last weekend (randomly in the bathroom Saturday night). I loved your story and am looking forward to reading your blog!