Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Update on Nicky's stuff

Nick's sleep study went well. We watched a little tv and read a few stories before they came to hook him up. He was so tired when they finally came in to hook him up, around 9:30 probably. By 10pm he's usually going to sleep at home, but they were still working on putting all the little sensors on him at 10:30 and he was getting to the end of his rope. But he was very good the entire time.

He had his own bed, which he insisted have all the sides up (typical hospital bed setup). And I was on the other side of the room in a tiny slab of a bed. Seriously my arms would have fallen off the sides when I was on my back it was so tiny. Probably about the width of a crib mattress, although almost as long as a twin. I managed to sleep though until they woke us up at 6am.

We stopped off at IHOP on the way home so we could have a nice breakfast together. Of all the things on the menu, Nick had macaroni and cheese. *sigh*

They wouldn't tell me anything about how his sleep went though. So we'll have to wait till the end of the month to find out whether he has apnea and what kind of severity we're talking about.

As for the dermatologist, yeah, that would be me freaking out about a blackhead. They suggested using some oil free face wash for him, like Nutrogena. They were actually more concerned with the rash on his back from the adhesives they'd had on him from the sleep study. I told the doctors (at one point there were 5-6 of them in the exam room, I think they're a teaching hospital or something) that Nicky and the girls are all sensitive to the adhesives just like Tom and I. We're not really allergic but they welt up nicely on us all. And they noticed his mosquito bites, which he welts up like I do with those too (the girls also). So they gave us a script and a sample of a hydrocortisone cream to try for that. I've been using it on the girls' bites too. Especially Lily. Sunday we'd had everyone outside playing and Lily was eaten UP by mosquitoes. I have insect repellant, but we didn't get it on her fast enough obviously. Poor girl. So anyway, no worries about Nick's nose.

I haven't done my nails yet. I'm just dreading having to do the upkeep. I'm too damn cheap to commit to spending money on myself like that. I did do a pink and white manicure on my own nails Sunday though that looks nice. But they're still super sharp! I need something else to keep my hands busy while I read I guess. I think that's when I start scratching and not noticing it.

Coming up later this month I have a big trip coming up for work. It'll be the longest plane ride I've ever been on, and the farthest I've ever been from home. Heading to California! I've never been there before. No earthquakes allowed during my visit ok?


Anonymous said...

So sorry you all are having a mosquito problem! So far we have been okay here---but the rainy season is coming etc.
Angie, how long will you be gone on your upcoming business trip? You and Liz have to travel with your jobs---I think that is kinda exciting---but I know you are more a homebody---but it can be quite an adventure for you.