Wednesday, June 06, 2012

The Room of Loving

Nicky has a really hard time going to sleep lately. He's spent a lot of evenings falling asleep in my lap on the recliner or lying in my bed with me upstairs. (This is what I get to do in the evenings and why I've been reading on my phone instead of blogging or playing on the computer or anything else.)

On the one hand, it would be awfully nice if he'd just go to his own bed and sleep at bedtime instead of cuddling with me and trying to talk till 10pm every night. Heck, I would like to go to bed before 10 some nights!

But on the other hand, he is awfully cute and snuggly. Last night I didn't feel well, felt super-nauseated which was scary since a few folks at work have had a stomach bug over the last week or so. So I went straight up to bed after putting the girls down.

Nicky ended up joining me up there and was so sweet (cause he knew he was getting away with it, the little stinker) and told me he loved me and hoped I felt better in the morning.

After "reading" through the big book of shells (a huge shell reference book with color illustrations of all the shells in the world) and pointing out all the awesome shells he was going to find for me, he finally laid down to cuddle and sleep (at about 10 of course), and he said that Tom's and my room was "the room of loving" and that was why he liked to come sleep in our room. Not sure where he came up with that phrase, but I like it.

Now we need a sign for our room's door "Welcome to the Room of Loving" :)


Anonymous said...

Room of Loving' how sweet! Poor Nicky and poor tired parents too!
Is he out of school for the summer?
Suppose all the doctor stuff has been a bit much for him lately--still praying you all will be getting enough sleep and each to their own bed soon.
Love you all bunches and bunches!
xxxxxoooooGrammie :)

Elizabeth said...

So sweet! It was very cozy up there, we enjoyed staying in it when we visited last fall.