Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Just a quick update kind of thing

So much stuff going on!

Ok, so the weekend of Nicky's birthday deserves its own post. It was awesome and he had a great time. We had only 3 kids & 3 adults attend, but I think that actually worked out really well. The kids had fun with the games and because they were the neighbor kids and a coworker's kid they actually stayed into the evening. A whole day of Star Wars fun!

More on that later. Promise!

The other thing happening is that Nana is moving up to Virginia! She came up for 10 days around Nicky's birthday and found a place to rent. I haven't seen it yet, but it sounds great and the price is right for her. AND it's only 3 blocks away! We'll be able to walk to Nana's for a visit.

But you know the very best thing about Nana coming to live here? She said she's willing to come over one evening a week after the kids are in bed and let Tom and I escape for a date night! One night a week would be SOOOO nice!! I'm really excited about it. Nicky is too because if we can make this a Friday or Saturday night then he can stay up and watch a movie with Nana after the girls are in bed. I foresee popcorn and movies in Nicky's future!

The only shadow this week (aside from me having to face my student loans and OMG what a giant pile of debt that is!) is that we just heard that Nana got waylaid in Gainesville, Florida on the way here by a high fever. She's stuck in the hospital there. We're not sure what it is yet, they have her on an IV and antibiotics, but it must be serious because while she started in the ER, she's been admitted and is in a room tonight. So keep Nana in your prayers! The only good thing is that it did happen in Gainesville near JM (Grandma Mott) and so JM has stopped in to see her. At least this didn't happen in the middle of nowhere on the way!

Other than all that (which all that is quite enough!) we have the girls ready to move into their toddler beds. We almost changed them over Sunday night, but at the last minute we found we didn't have the right bolts to do it. But as soon as we find some they'll be in toddler beds! We already moved the big dresser out of there and into Nicky's room so that there shouldn't be anything dangerous left in there.

Oh, and one more big thing. I'll post about that later though. Promise!


Anonymous said...

Oh, my! Poor Nana! I am praying for a quick and happy recovery, Nana!!!xxoo:)Grammie

Angie, thanks for the post and what about the other thing????? Love you bunches and bunches! xxxxxooooo :) to all of you sweet children!

Elizabeth said...

Poor Donna! Please keep us posted about her status. And I'll keep checking to find out about that other big thing. I wish I had a Grandma 3 blocks away when I was growing up - how awesome is that!

Love you guys!
Aunt Liz