Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Girls are ONE

A year ago, on May 21st, Lilianna and Gabriella came into the world at 8:49am.

First came Lilianna Elizabeth (6lb 2oz):

Followed immediately by Gabriella Concetta (6lb 6oz):

It was a rough two weeks to start, but the girls were fighters and had a whole slew of people loving them and caring for them. They sure weren't hard to love!
Together again

And now, a whole year later, we have two big healthy girls!

Bathtime! Lily nearest the wall

Mommy's after-work pose

New dresses by Nana (Lily Left)

So to celebrate, we had a nice pasta dinner:

And then cupcakes:

It was pretty messy:
Nicky and the Sisters

But Bobo helped clean up:
Bobo helps clean up

After a bath, there were presents too. Big brother built them each their very own Build-a-Bear. They love them!

All in all a great birthday.

But wait! There's more!

Today we took the girls to Grandma & Grandpa's house for a birthday cookout of hamburgers and hotdogs and more cupcakes. Grandma took lots of photos, and we'll share them when we get them. Grandma & Grandpa also had a new book for each girl, and have ordered a double stroller! We're all so excited that we'll be able to go for walks to the park and the mall so easily soon. I foresee photos of the girls at the park soon!

Next weekend we'll do another party with Grammie and Aunt Liz's visit. And then the following weekend or so with Nana's visit. So that will be four parties! It's only fair since they have to share their birthday that they get lots of them right?


Anonymous said...

We are all so blessed to have these sweet girls in our family!!! Can't wait to see you all ---we are going to celebrate big time!!!
xxxxxoooooGrammie :)