Monday, May 09, 2011

Easter revisited- with photos!

Easter photos are in from Grandma. They are so cute! The girls looked so precious in their Easter dresses. Nana made them and they're gorgeous. Lily was in blue, and Gabi in pink.

Here we go:

Pretty girls! (Lily left)

Ok, well how about one without the fingers in the mouth?
Pretty girls! (Lily left)

Not bad, but can we look AT the camera?
Hard to get a good photo

Not what I had in mind. How about candid shots?
Perfect Double-Teether

Ok, any where we're not cannibalizing Grandpa's oxygen tubing?
Lily playing

Good! Now, where is your sister?
Gabi pretty in pink

Ah, yes. Well how about a smile Gabi?
Gabi pretty in pink

Very nice. Ok, the obligatory Easter Egg photo:
Easter Eggs!

Beautiful! Made by this artist:
Serious Nicky

And Nicky also did a great job hunting for those eggs the bunny left outside too:
Easter Egg Hunting!

Gabi may have been a little jealous:
Gabi so excited!

But she got to play with Big Brother's toys in the end:
Gabi after the hunt

And Lily managed to get ahold of an egg too:
Lily's egg

We did try to get a nice photo of all three. You can see how this went:

Hard to get a good photo

Playing with Grandpa

All together now.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful pics!!! Love you all so much! xxxxxoooooGrammie :)

Elizabeth said...

Thank you for posting the Easter photos!! Adorable! I can't wait to see everyone soon :)