Monday, April 25, 2011

In a nutshell

Last week was a bit insane for us, and this week will be only slightly less insane.

Last week I had a doctor's appointment. Turns out that even being on the pill I'm still having cystic ovaries. So that's fun. But luckily we're done having kids, so as long as it doesn't cause too much pain, we can deal with that. It does explain the odd pains though, so that's good. Sometimes it's just better to know what it is, and that it's not all in your head.

Then we had Nicky's appointment Tuesday. This was the big one about the circumcision. We were pretty convinced that this was simply a formality and that they'd be scheduling surgery for him. But the doctor took a look and said he's fine and while they'll do it if we want it done, he's likely to outgrow it and be totally fine. What a relief! So we'll check back around age 7 or so if there is no change, but she didn't seem at all concerned. No surgery for now!

Wednesday was nearly normal for a nice mid-week break.

Thursday I flew out of state for an interview. I was nervous as the trip involved two planes and a train, but it went very smoothly and my luggage and I both arrived everywhere on time, together.

Friday was my interview. I think it went well. I certainly have no trouble talking. Put me in a room with a bunch of people who want to hear about me...well, I am a Leo after all. :) I very much enjoyed the location, institution and people I met, so I have high hopes about that. I should know more in two weeks.

Then I traveled home Friday. The trip home wasn't quite as smooth. A few delays with the planes and my leisurely layover became a mad dash through the airport, but I totally made it home on time. And I actually had time to read two books by one of my favorite authors during the trip. That was a great perk!

Saturday morning Nicky and I were up early to go fishing! This was our first time at this event and we had a great time. Nicky caught 6 fish! One little brim and 5 catfish. He nearly caught one more brim at the end, but he ended up flinging it off the hook before we could take it off, so I told him that one didn't count. They were all small, about 6 inches or so, but it was enough action over the 1-2 hours to keep us happy. And it was catch and release anyway, so no worries about having them eating-sized. I think we'll have to do this again! (just pretend there are photos here, because I was a bad blogger mommy and did not take even ONE photo)

After fishing we cleaned up at a gas station (cause fish slime + raw bait = ew!) and bought slushies. Then we had a picnic at the park and Nicky worked out whatever remaining energy he had (I had NONE by this point).

Sunday the Easter Bunny treated all the kids right, and even hid eggs for Nicky in the front yard. Nicky and I dyed about 36 eggs in the morning too. No fancy dying for us, just made homemade dye with boiling water, vinegar and food coloring. Oh, and used white crayons to draw on the eggs. That was the first time he did that. It was a lot of fun.

The girls' baskets, that's Lily in green.

Nicky's basket. That's his "Easter Style". He totally dressed himself, and put his shirt on backwards on purpose.

Now today was Nicky's last day of Pre-School. He 'graduates' on May 2nd, but he's done with classes already. No more driving him to school and working out a carpool to pick him up at my lunch time. Life should be a little easier travel-wise, but of course that also means Tom has no respite during the day either.

This week is much less hectic, but we do have to register Nicky for Kindergarten on Wednesday and then we have both the girls' PT follow-up and Nicky's staffing (the results of his evaluation) on Thursday. We're also working on getting 8 estimates from HVAC companies and insulation companies to get some work done on the house that should save us on our electric bill.

So that's what we've been up to in a nutshell. A very very busy nutshell.