Saturday, April 16, 2011

Baby Blue Eyes

Lily's new face

There's Lily with her new face she's been sporting for a few days. I think she's doing it because of her teeth. Both girls are getting their bottom front teeth very soon. You can see them coming up.

Notice the nice bruise on her forehead though. She decided to take a nosedive off the recliner and hit her poor head on the bottom shelf of the side table. Poor baby. She seems totally fine about it, but what a mark! It didn't bleed or even raise up much though, mostly just a little line of a bruise. It has made it easier to tell them apart the last few days though. Not my preferred way to do that!

One more thing though. Here's a closeup photo the same day from Gabi:

And Lily:

And for comparison, here's a closeup of Nicky from when he was 11 months old (thier age):

Notice their eyes. Tom's been insisting since practically day 1 that the girls would have blue eyes. Nicky's stayed blue for a long time too, but his did eventually change. I was looking back to see about when they changed and found the photo above. It seems his were definitely starting to change about that time. Maybe the girls really will stay blue. We shall see.


Anonymous said...

So adorable!!! Love and miss you all
xxxxx00000Grammie :)

Twin Dude Mama said...

Those girls are SO freaking cute!! Hope that the PT is going well. G' s PT is coming over today and I'm going to ask him how he thinks that he's progresing. I haven't noticed any progress yet. I just want G to hold onto something or push up with his arms!

How long did it take for the girls to learn how to wave. I've been teaching the boys for several weeks yet and no signs of them "getting it" yet!

Angela said...

Gabi was waving a while ago, maybe march-ish, so 10 months maybe? but Lily didn't start till later. Lily would clap though, and Gabi still doesn't really do that. Neither of them really point, although we do play a game with them where we hold out our index finger, and when they touch our finger with their finger we say "bzzzt!" and pull away like it shocked us. They think it's funny. It does seem to help them with hand eye/fine motor coordination too.