Sunday, December 05, 2010

Nicky wants a Boo Boo Kitty Lexus

Nicky and I made it to the university's holiday concert tonight. We sat up in the balcony since Nicky wanted to sit up high. If he'd totally had his way we'd have been in the very highest seats, but I put my foot down (and my booty) and wouldn't budge about midway up the balcony. We had great seats, right on the aisle and with no seats directly in front of us. Ha! So no seat for Nicky to kick. He actually has been really good for these performances over the last few days. I'm pretty impressed. Especially for a hyper 4 year old.

This one was long, although not as long as the ballet. It was about 90 minutes though. I promised him McDonalds afterwards if he was good. And afterwards we did visit McD's for the promised happy meal.

As far as the concert went, it was much more professional than the community college one, and the quality was better musically speaking. But the community college concert was so charming and entertaining. They had a few skits included to add a little zest that the university concert lacked. I think it was great though for Nicky too see so much variety in his first three shows.

Now next weekend is some kind of holiday fest thing in town that we're going to try to attend. Santa is supposed to be there too!

I took a movie of Nicky at the show surreptitiously. You can see him trying to hold it together and then getting all distracted by the lights on his shoes. But he pulls it together in time to clap. I think the clapping at the end of each song was his favorite part.

Oh, also today.... Nicky helped put up the Christmas lights. This is the first year we have outside lights up and they look great!

Helping Daddy

This morning I put Lily into Gabi's crib for a visit. They are so cute:

Visiting in Gabi's crib

Lily actually pushed up onto her knees and elbows today! I had them outside with me while Nicky and Tom worked on the lights. They were in the playpen while I crocheted. (I'm helping out with making a crochet coral reef for my library to display next spring.)

I think that's all the news that's fit to print. But here are two more videos of Nicky. I took these on the way to school December 1st. Nicky was talking about the chickens at Grandpa Buz's house in this one.

And then we made a movie for Aunt Jessie since she hadn't been able to come to the baptism. Notice the car Nicky wants us to give him.

Oh and one more thing. Nicky finally got a trim. He was getting positively shaggy as you can see:

Before trimming

Nana trimmed him up before we went to the ballet Saturday. Don't have a great photo of it, but you can see it here and in the movies above of Nicky at the concert.

Nicky's hair after trimming