Monday, December 20, 2010

Baptism photos of the girls

The baptism, in pictures:

We had dinner before we left. Nicky was happy with hamburgers and hotdogs:

Nicky Shark

We got the girls dressed to go:

Daddy and Gabi - we think

Daddy and Lily

At the church, we did some singing:
Lily on the left

And Gabi fell asleep on me:
Gabi sleeping on Momma

Then things got rough for the girls. Gabi did not appreciate the dunking (she was first):
Gabi feels sorely abused

And Lily felt really abused!
Lily did not appreciate that

But it didn't take long to get them dressed and calmed down:

Helping button up Gabi

Daddy calms down Gabi

Lily and Aunt Liz

Lily and Grammie

There was something about candles. Lily wasn't sure about that candle thing:
Lily is not sure about that flame

But Nicky was willing to help out:
Nicky the big brother and the candle

Then we had some posing to do:

Pretty dresses- Gabi on the left

Pretty dresses- Lily on the left

After the baptism

And Lily was pooped out after all the partying.
Lily fell asleep

Gabi in the meantime was screaming her head off. She'd had enough. No photos of that though.


Anonymous said...

Thank you! Wonderful pictures! Can't wait to see you all!
xxxxxoooooGrammie :)