Thursday, August 13, 2009

Nicky's first day of catholic school

He had a fabulous first day.

We are going to be waking up insanely early (for us) to get him to school on time, but on the bright side, I'll always be early to work and therefore able to leave earlier!

In order to get him to school by 8am though we will have to be up at 6am, and get him up about 6:30. That's rough when none of us are used to waking up till about 8am. He wasn't too thrilled this morning, but we managed. And he actually ate breakfast too, which was awesome. I had planned ahead and bought a box of Fruit Loops knowing he'd be much more likely to eat if it was a "fun" cereal instead of the normal "healthy" ones we usually have.

I had fun last night packing his lunch. I'd picked up all sorts of stuff to try to get him at least a few things he'll eat in there each day. Today he had a juice box, PBJ sandwich, apple slices, grapes, fruit gummies and a cookie. He ate half the sandwich, the apples and the fruit snack. He skipped the cookie and grapes. What kid doesn't eat his cookie?

Tonight after dinner, Nicky and I took a shower and then made his lunch for tomorrow. I tried to get input from him this time. He said he wanted grapes and that was about as far as I got. So tomorrow he has: a juice box, half a PBJ, pretzel sticks, cheese, grapes, fruit gummies, a cookie (the same one) and a cereal straw. Friends of ours brought him two boxes of these Fruit Loop cereal straws and he loves them. So I put that in there as a treat. (You know, since apparently a cookie isn't treat-y enough. I suppose it is an oatmeal raisin cookie, but he LIKES those, I swear!)

His old preschool/daycare supplied lunches so this whole packing a lunch thing is new. It's fun at this point, but I'm sure it'll get old fast. Packing it the night before seems to work well though. Now if only I could get mine packed the night before too. Nah, too much work.

I had him in his room for "rockabye" tonight by 7pm in an effort to have him be more awake tomorrow. We read one story (twice) and then I rocked him through only ONE song. He cried the whole time about needing Nana, needing Daddy, needing to go to the big potty (he has a little potty in his room, but his favorite stalling tactic is to demand to go to big potty instead). But I hung tough, put him in his bed after that one song and then sat with him for 3 more songs. By the end of the 3rd one (after fussing constantly) he totally passed out. Kid was beat! He had a big first day of school, and now with a good night's sleep he'll be ready for another big day tomorrow.

It's a lot of fun. Even more like "real school" now since it's at the local catholic school that has PreK3-8th graders. It was a hard decision on whether to leave him at O2B for another year or so or move him now, but I think this is going to be really good for him. It seems to be a smaller class, has two full time teachers all day, and the day runs from 8am to 2:45. It's a much shorter day, but it's every day. He was really getting his schedule messed up only going twice a week this last month. I think the structure this will bring will be nice for all of us.