Sunday, August 09, 2009

New floors!

I can't believe I haven't told you this yet!

We have new floors!

Tom and I took the plunge and ripped out the carpet from the bedrooms, hallway and living room, replacing them with wood laminate. Well, that's an exaggeration, WE didn't do any of that, WE paid a team of guys to deliver the wood and then install it. THEY ripped out the carpets, put in the wood floors in less than a day(!) and took the carpet away!

The day they came, I took Nicky to school and myself to work. I was still gimping around on my bum hip, but I could drive. Luckily we'd gotten the temporary handicapped parking thingy, so I could park close to work. It would have been the end of me if I tried to walk from the normal lot!

I totally expected to come home to chaos as we'd been told it would take two days. But around 3pm Tom IM'd me that they were done and gone. Then I expected to see a huge heap of carpet by the side of the road, killing the grass (er, weeds) and figured we'd be looking at that for a week or two before it was picked up. Nope! I get home and the curb is clear. They hauled it all away. Awesome! I totally recommend paying to have floors installed. If we'd tried to do this ourselves it would have taken us forever!

As it was, it did take us a good few days to move everything that wasn't furniture into the den. They would move furniture, but we had to move all the clothes, toys, books, shoes, crap under the bed, etc. And there was a lot of it! But now you can see our new floors so well that we haven't moved all that stuff back yet. I don't want to cover them up! We did set up Nicky's room right away though. Here's a photo. We still need to finish his walls. We have the chair rail to go up, but need the gizmo to cut the angles.

The new floor!

Doesn't it look great? We have the quarter round to put around the edges of the bedrooms (that already have baseboards) and need to get baseboards for the living room and hall, but it already looks beautiful.

I first tried taking photos of the floors and accidentally took a movie instead. Check it out. Nicky was a little under-dressed for it, but I'm pretty sure you can't see anything. He loved the new floors and was so excited to play on them when he got home that he just had to get naked I guess. He'd stripped down before I even put my stuff down and grabbed the camera. He said he was a puppy, and of course you know puppies don't wear clothes. Funny boy!


jodifur said...

I loved my laminate floors. It was one of the best things we did in this house.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! That's exactly the color that I would pick if we installed laminate floors! Can't wait till you guys come down here in a few weeks.
Love you,
Aunt Liz

Angela said...

Thanks! I love them too. It really totally changed the look of the house.

Angela said...

So is the movie okay do you think? Too risque? I mean, he's 3 and you can't see anything. Should I take it down? I don't know how to photoshop a movie.