Thursday, October 09, 2008

Not dead, just full of crap

Well, it's not a pretty title, but it is accurate. I've been home for 3 days and will be out again tomorrow with the stomach flu. I finally went to the doctor today. Figured 3 days of a fever and er, fluid loss, probably warranted a visit. I swear that the doctor entered all my symptoms into a program (does Google make a medical version for my doctor?) and then picked my diagnosis from a list of choices given by the computer. Is this really the art of medicine these days?? He said it's Acute Gastroenteritis. Yeah, pretty much sounds like latin for "stomach flu." Lovely.

So during this enforced hiatus from work, for which I'll be giving up probably all of my carefully horded sick days, I've managed to stay current, mostly, with my grad school-work and keep one finger on the pulse at work. Not that I can do much more than send emails that may or may not be coherent, but at least I'm trying. What? Did people actually used to take off sick from work and NOT communicate with their coworkers and boss? What was that like?

On the Nicky front, he ran a good 24 hour fever last week. Little booger probably gave this to me actually. But he got over his fairly quick with not really any other symptoms. He spiked another little fever along with some sad little sick-boy cries on Sunday, but 30 minutes of cuddling with his daddy and some ibuprofen and he was running around fine. Jealous a little? Just maybe. Although admittedly I'd much rather me be sick than him. (Just not for so darn LONG!)

Hmm, enough of the poor me I'm sick whining? Yeah probably.

Ok, I'm putting up a little movie of my 2.5 year old READING a book to the camera. Yep, that's right. READING! Ok, well not the actual text maybe. But still. He opened the book, and kind of knew that there were words inside. And man, he just gets the emotional upheaval that Grover is feeling here. Check it out.

Here's the book:

Here's the reader:

And here he is, reading me his bedtime story.

Such fun!

Next up, I'm trying to catch him on camera doing his drive-thru impression. He squeezes himself into this little space between a chair and the hutch and pretends to take drive thru orders. All of which include "Large Diet Coke!" Um, maybe we have a drive thru addiction?


Lisa said...

Oh... I remembr this book. I used to read it to my little brother. We both loved it! I have got to get my hands on a copy.

Love the video, he is such a doll... and damatic too!

Lisa said...

sorry for the typos, I think Nicky is dramatic and I hope the other word isn't a real word!