Thursday, December 27, 2007

What a Christmas!

I kept loading movies throughout the day today and so now there are several up on the new photobucket account. I also put up some photos. They're just ones I've taken, so they're not great like JM's. But she did take a few on Christmas Eve, so we might have some good ones soon!

Nicky had a wonderful Christmas. He came out of his room running and was just awed by all the stuff Santa brought.

It was a while before he even noticed the wrapped gifts by the tree (Santa doesn't wrap at our house). Tom helped him go through his Santa gifts and stocking and then we had breakfast.

After breakfast he got dressed and we went outside to see what Santa left outside. He had so much fun with his water table and sandbox.

Then he had a nap, lunch, more time outside, a bath and then it was time for Christmas dinner and more presents! It was after dinner that we finally got to the wrapped gifts. Each one took a long time to open. He was more interested in playing with all the toys he could see than in opening new ones.

Then today my dad and Gwen came by on their way back to GA. They brought even more presents! Nicky had a lot of fun playing with more new stuff.

Whew, who says Christmas is only one day? Ours was at least three.

Health update: Tom's sick, Nicky's sick, Donna's getting better and I'm still ok so far, just tired.


Anonymous said...

Thanks! So much for the movies!!! I have watched them several times already---wish I could have been there for Christmas with you all but I was sick too!:( Mean ole' colds!!!)
Better today though and what a treat to get online and see these wonderful pics and movies of what for Nicky and you all must have been bunches and bunches of fun!!!:)
Loved talking with you all tonight and will pray in earnest for you all to feel better in a hurry---caused there sure are a lot of toys, sand and water box activites to enjoy up there. :)
Take care of yourselves--Love you bunches and bunches!!!
xxxoooMom/Granmomma :)

Jann said...

Merry Christmas!!

I have to say, I had to read the part about Nicky playing with his water table twice. Here, it would be an ice table!!! There is no water outside in the winter here! LOL

I am glad you had a great Christmas, even if exhausting.