Thursday, November 01, 2012

Date Night

Grandma JM wrapped up her visit by babysitting for us so Tom and I could go out for dinner. We of course went out for sushi. We have a favorite place here now where for just under 60$, including tip, we can have all you can eat sushi that is actually awesome.

Tonight we tried several new rolls. I've kept track of the things we've tried and what we thought of each.

Top to bottom: Tropical spice roll, Orchard roll, Sea angel roll

Left to right: VA beach roll, Pacific roll

Left to right: Hawaiian roll, Orchard roll, Spicy tuna

After dinner tonight we could hardly move. We headed to the grocery store and sat in traffic for a good long time.

We are exciting people, let me tell you!

My notes, you know, for posterity and stuff:

Orchard roll- best one!
Volcano roll- fried (yummmy)
King roll- eel on top (good)
Dynamite roll- crunchies(good)
Christmas roll- red/green eggs on top(meh)
Crazy monkey roll- banana inside, topped w/crab (too much crab but good)
Sea angel roll (too much crab but good, spicy)
Tropical spice roll (special, very good!)
Va Beach roll (meh)
Pacific roll (meh, bland)
Hawaiian roll (too much cheese but good)
Spicy tuna (meh, ground tuna not much zip)

Appetizers and bar:
Gyoza (good)
Shumai (good)
Edamame (good, plenty)
Wakame salad (very good)
Ginger dressing (very good)
Miso soup (very good)
Kani salad (good)