Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Big Little Changes

Friday at work I finally had enough.

Friday @ 1pm:
Me: "Hello. Do you have any appointments available right now?"
Receptionist: "How fast can you get here?"
Me: "15 minutes."
Receptionist: "How about 1:30?"
Me: "I'll be there!"

I did a quick search on the internet and printed out this image, jumped in the car and about an hour later I came back to work.

Here's the before and after:
The Chopping, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

I didn't even tell Tom I was doing it! I expected a huge reaction when I got home.

It was less than satisfying since he didn't really notice at first.

But to be fair, Tom had just had the lovely experience of having the girls removing their diapers and decorating their cribs and bodies with the results. This was the fourth time. Luckily so far it's only been Gabi who has been playing with the poo. Lily has been limited to puddles fortunately. But still, this is a giant mess. Twice the cribs, twice the bodies, twice the mess to clean up.

Because as we all should recall, we've been here before.

(In searching for that post I found I have way too many posts about poop on this blog by the way.)

The thing that finally worked for Nick though was moving him out of his crib. We had been hoping to put that off for a while with the girls, but now that we're having so much trouble with this we figured it was time to bite the bullet and do something about it.

Voila. Our Friday night (Lily's on the left):

We also figured it's time to try pushing this potty training a bit more. It is SO MUCH WORK with two though! They have to be naked apparently in order to sit on the potty, which takes time, then they have to sit on the potty of their choice (two little potties and the big potty... so many options. Gabi is a big fan of the big potty.) then they give up and have to be redressed, just to find out that no, they want to try again! Gahh!

But Lily did have the first pee pee in the potty a few weeks ago and then again on Saturday. Saturday she got a sticker for it and she was so proud! We made a big deal about it and she loved it. Then Sunday Gabi did the first poop in the potty! Again lots was made of this and she got a bite of brownie for it. (Stickers for pee, chocolate for poop. These girls LOVE chocolate!) Nothing since, but that's mostly because it's so much work. We might keep doing this a little at a time and then just go for it one day like we did with Nicky. With him, Tom and I got the flu and were just too exhausted to change him. So we just put the potty in the livingroom, had him naked and told him to go potty when he had to while I laid on the sofa. Hey, it worked. He was also three though and had been doing a little here and there. We'll see how it goes with the girls.

I think that's all the big news around here this weekend! New hair, new beds, and potty training. That's probably enough. Soon Nick will be starting first grade (September 4th) and we'll have to talk about that!


Anonymous said...

Really love your new haircut!

Elizabeth said...

You are beautiful!

Being a pooh artist must be genetic. Remember the story of when we were little? You were the artist and I got the credit for it (and the spanking)...lol.

Miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

No, Liz! Angie used red crayon down a newly painted hallway the time you remembered. Another time and place--yes, the genetic pooh artist strikes again--oh, no! :)you, Liz, were a newborn then and your sister,Angie, was almost two.
Aw Memories' xxoo:)