Monday, May 07, 2012

THe IEP Theme Song

I had an IEP update meeting last week where we did a referral for Occupational Therapy evaluation for Nick. Several of his behaviors make us wonder if he has some sensory processing things going on. (Aversion to loud sounds- unless of course he's the one making the noise, food aversions, repetitive sounds, etc.) I heard this song on my ipod on the way to work that morning before his IEP and it resonated as a message I should make sure to keep in mind. I think this should probably be required listening before every IEP meeting, by all the attendees.

We have an ENT appt for Nicky on June 1st to talk about a sleep study to check for sleep apnea, but we're pretty sure he has it. Even Nana heard him while we were out of town for Liz's wedding (whole nother post for that). But he tries so hard to do what he needs to do in school. And he has learned so much this year! He can read some words (when he focuses and tries), he can write all his letters (mostly facing the right way) and he can even spell phonetically sometimes. He couldn't do ANY of that at the start of the year. I'm just hoping that his teachers agree with me and move him up to first grade. He's just too bright to repeat Kindergarten and if that's what they want to do he would be so bored he would become a behavior problem. We'll see what happens. All we can do is keep trying to help him succeed while letting him be himself.
Nicky and his Lego Hero he made himself


Anonymous said...

xxxxxooooo :) Love you all! Nicky's pic is so adorable!