Sunday, May 20, 2012

First 5k

Today I got up early and drove through rain out to the beach alone. I managed to find a parking spot (for 4$ and luckily had the cash for it) and walked two blocks to the beach where I picked up my number.

I met up with my teammates from work and decided there was no way I was eating one of the 50 dozen donuts they had up for grabs. But the bananas seemed like a good idea so i had one and picked up a bottle of water too.

Then I went to the starting line and got ready to do my first 5k.

It was overcast, windy and about 65 degrees. Maybe cooler even. My goal was to know when to turn around so that I didn't end up hurting myself. Didn't want a repeat of the 2009 trochanteric bursitis incident.

I walked out for 0.8 miles before turning around. That made the walk a 1.6 mile hike. Farther than I've walked by a long shot for years! I never got into too much pain which is great because since the twin pregnancy my back and more are usually screaming for a rest after much less walking.

Our whole team did great, a few even ran all or part of the way which was awesome. And most awesome was that we collected just over $1k to help the organization I Need a Lighthouse which is a local org dedicated to education about depression and suicide prevention, particularly aimed at high school students.

I remember well how depression felt as a teen and hope that my small contribution will help someone make it through as I did.

And now, after putting the kids to bed I'm enjoying myself with a typical evening of playing on my phone while having a glass of light cranberry juice and a napkinful of animal crackers. (other items are a confiscated flashlight, Nicky's school folder and latest IEP meeting invite- to discuss the results from his OT eval)

What? That's not how everyone ends their Weekend?


Anonymous said...

Wonderful! So proud of you!!! Love you bunches and bunches!!! Today is the twins birthday and I hope to Skype and see them. xxxxxoooooGrammie :)
I love your smile!!! Was the pic taken before or after the run/walk?
How do you like the beach there?