Saturday, June 25, 2011

First hairs have been cut

The girls hair has gotten positively shaggy!

Gabi showing off her blue eyes

Lily's smile

We tried putting it up with barrettes:
Lily on the right

We tried pigtails:
Pigtails Gabi on the right

Which were undoubtedly cute. Especially Lily's Who imitation.
Lily (CindyLou Who)

But finally tonight I'd had enough and gave them both a trim:
First haircut (by Mommy) Gabi on the right

And it wasn't till later when Tom asked that I realized it never even occurred to me to save some hair. Aw well. It's tough being the second kids.

Hey, new photos and movies up in photobucket!


Anonymous said...

Adorable!!! Cute! so adorable!!!
Love you all bunches and bunches!!!
xxxxxooooo Grammie :)

Anonymous said...

oh they are so cute and growing up very fast I miss you all!