Wednesday, November 18, 2009

There must be something to blog about

Tom's after me to update the blog. I guess it just feels like my life is in a holding pattern between OB appointments. Just counting the days till the next ultrasound.

But there are other things going on...surely there are.

Let's see, Tom and Nicky went off for a 5 day hunting trip to North Georgia last week. They left on Wednesday. I stayed home, did homework, napped and then started re-reading the twilight series. You know, just to bone up for the New Moon movie coming out this week. It was a very relaxing few days.

The only sucky part was having to drive myself to work. See, I work at a university where you have to park and walk a good 15 minutes or so to my library. Well, normally it would take 15 minutes. But even though I was only 9 weeks along, it took me 42 minutes to walk it on Thursday. I had to walk slowly and stop twice to rest and drink water because I was having so much round ligament pain. It was making me nervous. Friday was a little better at about 30 minutes. I'd made sure to take a lighter purse and didn't take so much stuff to carry. Happily Tom and Nicky came home Sunday, a day before they'd planned to, so I had my limo service back Monday morning. :)

While they were gone, Tom went out hunting Thursday and Friday mornings and evenings. Four total times. FOUR. You know why he only went four times? Because he got a big buck on Friday night. My husband, the hunter.

Now, of course I'm proud of him. But DAMN! I hunted those same woods with my dad for YEARS in the freezing cold as a teenager. Seriously spent nearly every weekend of hunting season up there. And never even SAW a deer.

Yeah, I'm not bitter.

But they had a great time. Nicky had a ball playing with Aunt Jessie and seeing the chickens again. He helped gather the eggs each morning. And Tom said Nicky was really good and polite the whole time.

But I'm happy my boys are home.


Anonymous said...

Great to have you blog again, Angie! So glad our boys are back safe and sound. Tom did get his buck really quickly, tell him congrats for me but also tell him not to save any meat for me, thank you,"no"!:0!
I know Nicky was very good up there and bet he had a great time, too. See you soon, Love you bunches and bunches xxxoooMom/Grammie :)

Angela said...

LOL Mom, don't worry, we won't be having any venison for Thanksgiving. :)

Although, Dad will be bringing us the venison sometime in December I believe. So maybe Christmas. lol!