Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Are you laughing yet? Oh, you will be. You WILL be.

Just the other day Tom was teasing me about being a Star Wars geek. (I couldn't help it, can you say "You will be" without repeating yourself using a Yoda voice?) So it just cracked me up seeing this video today.

My sister Jessica cannot STAND Star Wars. I'm not sure, but I think that means she must have been adopted. Anyway, I can completely imagine this being how she'd tell the story of the first Star Wars trilogy.

Thanks to DadCentric for the laugh!


Jessica said...

Yep! I think that sums Star Wars up. Except for Hans and Luke kissing. Though that would have just maybe improved it a little. Adopted I maybe. I maybe.

Jessica said...

Call you I soon I will. '_~

Angela said...

Nice to see you finally found this post Jessie! I'd forgotten how funny this video is. Still cracks me UP!

And that you think that's pretty close is just too funny. OH, and that you said Hans.

I think when we come visit in May we're bringing the Star Wars trilogy and having "Educate Aunt Jessie" day.