Saturday, January 24, 2009

How are we? In 22 words or less.

Tom in the backyard with a chainsaw.
Nicky playing out in the sandbox.
Angela writing her stupid dumb paper due Sunday.

Making a "happy face" in the tub.


burton said...

It could be worse...

You could be holding the chainsaw...Nicky could be writing your paper...and Tom could be playing in the sandbox...

Jann said...

Love the pic of Nicky!

Angela said...

lol Burton. You are right.

I did finish that stupid paper on time. And I have a whole week before the next one is due. Hopefully I can finish it before the weekend so it doesn't ruin my time off.

Jann, that was him in his bath. I am SO happy to finally have a good camera for snapshots. That hopefully will be the last fuzzy shot on here!