Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My poor, poor tookus...OUCH!

I came through the surgery just fine. But I am in some major pain. OW! I cussed up a storm the whole way home while lying in the back of the van and realized my curse word vocabulary is significantly lacking.

My mom was able to come to watch Nicky while we were at the hospital, and they had a great time. I am so grateful she could do that. It was a 5 hour drive for her to get here and she has an all day work thing to do Wednesday, but she came on Sunday and left this morning. If we'd had to take Nicky with us it would have been a nightmare!

They had called us at about 11am and said they thought they could fit me in earlier than 3:30 so instead of coming in at 2 they asked me to come at 1pm. So we get there just before 1pm. I go back at about 1:30ish to get an IV and prepped. And then Tom comes back in around 2ish to sit with me. That's when we find out that they're backed up because the surgeon before mine arrived late for his surgery and now my surgeon is just getting started on his FIRST patient of the day. I'm the LAST one (third of three) so mine didn't start till after 4pm. It would have been horrible to have Nicky there all that time! But I asked the nurse if I could use my hands while waiting (my IV was in my left hand). She said "sure, to do what?" I said "knitting." She was amazed LOL! She said as long as the IV was still dripping it would be fine, but she'd never had anyone knit while waiting for an operation. LOL!

So Tom and I knitted while we waited for about an hour or so, and then I napped for another hour while Tom read. Tom's working on a beautiful Alpaca wool scarf for his first project and I think it's going to be gorgeous! I'm working on my third dishcloth. They're so fun to knit! I did my first one for the dishcloth throw that our yarn group made to raise money for charity (and I won it in the raffle!) and I love the feeling of the 100% cotton yarn so much! So I bought more and have made another pretty yellow dishcloth to actually use to wash dishes and now I'm working on another in purple and green. I have another pattern to make a kitchen towel (the kind with a button to hang on the fridge or oven) in a pretty light blue too.

It's so nice to work in a yarn that feels good. I don't know that I'll work with a cheap acrylic yarn again. I still have several rolls that just feel icky to me. I know wool is supposed to be great, and Tom's alpaca wool feels very soft, but I just really am loving the cotton right now. And for Florida I think it's great. I made Nicky's hat and snake scarf in a 100% cotton and then a kerchief for myself too. Très Chic no?

Anyway, I've been sitting way too long now, even if it is on a pillow and I am HURTING. So I better get off my delicate derrière. Plus I hear Nicky stirring from his nap. By the way, yesterday before I went in for surgery my mom and I were sitting in the living room during Nicky's first (and only) attempt to nap in the morning, when I heard a "thump-WHAAAAA!" I threw my knitting across the room and ran for Nicky's room where I found him lying on his back on the floor. This was his first attempt to climb out of the crib and apparently it didn't go so well. I see a toddler bed in the very near future. I was hoping to wait for Christmas, but looks like we'll get one much sooner than that. He hasn't tried it again yet, but we're a little nervous about it. (Hopefully Nicky is too!)


Anonymous said...

Hi Sweeties!
I got home just fine, however, it still took me about 5 hours again!:o ! ! Liz drives faster I guess cause I stopped
just for gas and bathroom once both ways ---guess I just drive slower!
I had such a wonderful visit with you all and the "day with Nicky" will be in my memory banks forever----a warm and wonderful memory of a fun/happy truly neat time with a very special little boy who I am so lucky to be
a grandmother to.
Hope you are feeling better Angie!
Love you all bunches and bunches!
xxxoooMom/Grandmomma :)

Jann said...

I am so glad your surgery went well!

Ouch to Nicky being a climber. Em's part momkey and has only spent one night in her crib due to that problem, and she can now get out of the playpen too. These kids, they are causing grey hairs! LOL

Jann said...

I just had to add how jealous I am of your Mom. Can we share her???? Her message brought tears to my eyes! Everyone deserves a grandma like her!

Angela said...

Glad you got home ok mom. You and I both are just sticklers for the speed limit I guess. We had a great time with you! Hopefully you'll be able to come again soon. It was so relaxing and fun to have you here.

Jan, hugs to you! I'm sure my mom would love Em too. She's such a cutie pie. And if you ever want to take a trip to Florida for a playdate just let me know! :) Hey, with the value of the US dollar you might actually be rich here! ;)

Anonymous said...

Angie, I'm sorry your still in pain, hopefully everything will heal up quickly.
I didn't know that you won the dishrag throw, that's so cool! Last time I was there you were working on your square, I can't wait to see the whole thing in person.
I miss you 3, I hope I can get back up there soon to visit....or you all can come down here!
Aunt Liz

Anonymous said...

Um, is it just the lighting or is Nicky going blonde?

Angela said...

yep, Nicky's definitely a blond now :)

Jodi said...

Can you email me where you got the pattern for the dishcloth? I'd love to make those. great gifts.

I'm working on baby blankets right now.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ones--I just saw the newest photos posted--they are so wonderful!
Nicky reading the newspaper ads with his Dad--how adorable!!!
I miss you all very much!:)
Angie, we have all been praying down here for your "down-backside" up there!
Love you all bunches and bunches!
xxxoooMom/Grandmomma :) :) :)