Friday, August 23, 2013

Everything but the kichen sink

This is pretty much what Nick is allergic to: everything but the kichen sink. And then only if the sink is mold and mildew free!

I met Tom and the kids down at the allergist's office where Nick did his scratch test. Tom ended up taking the girls to brunch while I stayed with Nick for the test itself. 

In order to help him stay calm and still I took photos so he could see what was going on back there. Here they are in order:

Before starting:

Labels on:

Pokes in:

Maybe 2-3 minutes in:

5 minutes in:

10 minutes in:

15 minutes done! Time to measure the hives:

Tonight, all they did was slather him up with some magic cream:

He's allergic to ALL grasses, ALL weeds, most molds/mildews, one of the two dust mites, all trees except one, and cats. His two biggest hives were actually not cats! They were both trees: pecan snd hickory. 

Not allergic to: 
Tomatoes (We were checking on a suspicion I'd had. That was the extra "T" in the lower left corner.)

The SLIT treatments aren't ready yet, but when they are we will sign him up. It's 100$/month but worth it to help him with all these allergies! This isn't allergy shots, instead they are sub-lingual (under the tongue) drops he does every day. We're very interested because Nick is a little dramatic about needles. (He was so good for the scratch test though!)

So back on the zyrtec and cyproheptad meds, in addition to singulair and qvar. And soon I'll pick up his ADHD med for fall too. Allergies, Asthma and ADHD. Nice alliteration, but a lot of meds. 


Anonymous said...

Poor Nicky! I am so sorry he has so many allergies! That must be so difficult for him and you all as well.
Hopefully, the new type of under the tongue
allergy treatment will help him.
Was there other foods tested on his back too besides tomatoes?
Does the allergist suggest any type of diet that will help him? I know of many adults with allergies and asthma who have benefited from dietary changes. Some people have
have been cured of their symptoms--just saying" and of course just hoping"
Love you all bunches and bunches!